24 hrs chair according to BS 5459 standard

Control station chair / control room chair

The K24 with its excellent and unique design meets the individual needs of the worker. Its functionality and practicality make it particularly suitable for all:

  • Surveillance centers; police, rescue service or fire department control centers.
  • Reception areas, control centers, computer workstations.

Designed for all workplaces that require a high level of concentration, the natural posture of the person is supported by the ergonomic features of the 24h chair, thus supporting the metabolism and preventing fatigue.

The 3D headrest is adjustable and thus stabilizes the respective user. Another plus is the versatile adjustable armrest, which promotes a sense of well-being.

The design is inspired by the car industry: extra stable and robust with great seating comfort. You can choose from a wide range of wear-resistant surface materials and colors.

Mechanics and functions:

  • 3 years warranty
  • reinforced mechanics
  • back cushion with lumbar reinforcement
  • weight regulation up to 150 kg
  • seat height from 440 - 530 mm
  • backrest height from 790 - 830 mm
  • seat width: 540 mm
  • seat depth: 510 mm
  • backrest inclination adjustable up to 16°, lockable in 6 positions
  • depth adjustable lumbar support
  • height adjustable headrest
  • adjustable armrests



  • 3D headrest
  • seat depth adjustment by sliding seat
  • height adjustable lumbar support
  • protective cover