Car and tire service

  • Resistance to high mechanical load and technical fluids
  • Easy installation even in partial areas outside the operating hours
  • Anti-slip profiles to increase the adhesion of vehicles when driving on the ramp
  • Colored tiles can be used to highlight danger zones under lifting equipment
  • Insulating function of the tiles makes your work under the car more comfortable and reduces the noise level

For heavy loads in the workshop > Industry
For the highest loads without gluing > Ultra


Tiles Industry

Dimension:510.5 x 510.5 mm
Thickness:7 mm
Weight:2,2 kg

Industry series is designed for high load in industry and production including use of forklifts and pallet trucks.

  • Simple color combination
  • Possibility to create corridors, paths and guide strips
  • Suitable for premises with high point or dynamic load (warehouses, garages, gyms, police and fire stations)
  • Installation of partial areas possible without interruption of operations
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance, thermal and sound insulation
  • Composition: very resistant homogeneous 100% PVC (100% recyclable)
  • Also available in ECO version made of recycled material (ECO Black, ECO Grey)
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the surface
  • Resistant toothing system, 3 years warranty

Tiles Ultra

Dimension:510.5 x 510.5 mm
Thickness:10 mm
Weight:3,1 kg

Ultra series is designed for the highest loads in industry and production and can be used without fixing/gluing.

  • Size and shape like tile Industry but can support loads up to 2,200 kg
  • Quick and easy to install without interrupting operations
  • Due to 10mm thickness, they can handle loads up to 4,000 kg without gluing or fixing when loaded by conventional forklifts
  • Resistant to many chemicals, high abrasion resistance, sound and heat insulation
  • Also available in the Eco variant (recycled)
  • Damaged tiles can be easily replaced
  • Easy cleaning of the surface
  • Resistant toothing system, 3 years warranty