PVC Floor Tiles

Ergokomfort floor tiles are not only versatile, but also available in different colors and sizes or thicknesses. We can realize highly resilient and resistant floors for different requirements. Even individual prints such as company logos can be displayed.

Our tiles are used in the following areas of application:

Production and warehouse

Here you will find our products for highest load capacity in industry and production      

ESD protection areas

Here you can find our products for dissipative ESD floors / systems

Garages and workshops

Here you will find products for good trafficability and practical design

Car and tire service

Here you will find products for high load capacity and comfortable work

Business premises

Here you will find products for the highest demands on design and durability

Sports & Fitness

Here you will find products to high durability and easy care

Individual design

Here you can realize your own ideas

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Here you will find all tiles at a glance

PVC Floor Tiles

We also offer individual solutions for ESD protection areas with our volume conductive tiles, which are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute, including accessories and sound advice on the subject of ESD.

The advantages of using our PVC floor tiles are, among other things, that the floor can be installed during ongoing production and the installation is uncomplicated due to the simple click system. We offer various surfaces, usually with an anti-slip coating with R10 for the safety of employees. The tiles are resistant to many chemicals and therefore have no special requirements for maintenance.

Additional advantages are step and sound absorption and generally thermal insulation. The ergonomic properties of the tiles with health-promoting effects on e.g. the joints with simultaneous trafficability make the use interesting also for the employees. By using different tile colors, special areas can be easily identified.

The use of our tiles supports sustainable management, because the tiles can be easily dismantled and reused in case of floating installation and are individually replaceable as well as recyclable in case of defect.

The high load-bearing capacity of the tiles makes them a popular floor covering even in industrial environments.

Our business tile series meets the highest demands for attractive appearance without visible joints and is particularly suitable in business premises, sales rooms, etc. as a high-quality and flexible alternative to other floors.



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