workplace mat for dry standing and walking workstations

Workplace mat FN-PLUS


Finds its application mainly in dry standing and walking workstations. The surface has a flattened profile, thereby reducing the rotational resistance and is easy passable.

Specification Data
MaterialPUR = polyurethane foamed
Surfaceflat disc
approx 60 x 90 cm,
Special design on request*
Weight2780 g
Thickness12 mm
Guarantee5 years
  • flame resistant according to DIN 4102/B1 APM-No. 20.006
  • antistatic APM-No. 20.007
  • electro-static discharge (ESD)
    APM –No. 20.008

Workplace mat RN-PLUS


Finds its application mainly in dry work standing up position.

special widths and special shapes

ERGOKOMFORT®-MAT are available in 60 cm und 90 cm widths and in all lenghts. We also manufacture mats in special widths and special shapes.

Sonderbreiten und Sonderformen

ERGOKOMFORT®-MATTEN sind in den Breiten 66 cm und 96 cm und in allen Längen erhältlich. Wir fertigen auch Sonderbreiten und Sonderformen.