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For our customers we contribute the knowledge from many years of experience in ergonomics. With the help of ergonomic workplace mats, many health problems are avoided and productive and healthy work is made possible.

About every second employee has to perform continuous standing work with the resulting problems for the muscular, cardiovascular and skeletal systems. Our anti-fatigue mats can relieve the body stressed by the holding work, thus serving the health promotion and the positive operating result.


Workplaces for standing or walking activities exist in many fields. Accordingly, we offer different types of mats and materials so that the respective requirements can be met in terms of ergonomics.

Is it a dry standing and walking workplace, are oils or cooling lubricants involved, for example, or does the workplace require high hygiene standards with corresponding cleaning routines, do chippings occur or is it an ESD-sensitive area?

We will be happy to advise you so that you can use the individually optimal ergonomic mat and offer you a free mat test for 14 days.

Dry standing and walking workplaces

Here you will find our products for dry work areas

Oils, cooling lubricants, chips

Here you will find our products for work areas with chips, oils, cooling lubricants, etc.

ESD protection areas

Here you will find our products for all work areas with ESD requirements

Food, hygiene, laboratory, clean room

Here you will find our products for work areas with the highest requirements for hygiene and cleanliness


Here you can find the scientific study on the ergonomics of our mats

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