Lux ESD acc. to DIN EN 61340-5-1 DIN 68877

DIN 68877

Design in integral foam, fabric and imitation leather  

  • seat height adjustment: stepless
  • Backrest height adjustment: 6 Raster
  • Seat depth adjustment: stepless
  • Asynchronous mechanism
  • optional: adjustable lordosis support

The top model in this product series is the Lux ESD work chair. Its backrest is higher than that of other work chairs, but significantly narrower in the shoulder area than that of office chairs.

This supports the upper spine and guarantees shoulder freedom for quick reaching to the left, right or back. At the same time, the lower back is optimally stabilized by the broadly shaped backrest there.

The seat and backrest can be individually adjusted to suit your needs, as is the case with all of the following work chairs.